Sistem Informasi Proses dan Hasil Produksi Berbasis Web


  • Grant Andrie UKSW
  • Handoko
  • Hartanto Kusuma Wardana



information system, production, web application


Efficiency is one of the main keys for a company to be able to develop in the industrial era 4.0. In the manufacturing industry, such as company X, which still uses production records, it will be difficult for companies to obtain fast and accurate information. In this paper, an information system is designed and realized to record production processes and results and process them into information that can be used by companies to support decision making. This system is made using PHP language and the result is a web application. Information will be displayed in the form of tables and reports from the relevant documents. The designed information system can increase the efficiency of recording and processing production process information up to 2 (two) times.


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Andrie, G., Handoko, & Wardana, H. K. (2023). Sistem Informasi Proses dan Hasil Produksi Berbasis Web. Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika, 22(1), 21–32.