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Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.
  • This manuscript has not been published previously and is not being submitted elsewhere.
  • The submitted file is in .doc format and conforms to the template of Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika
  • The manuscript is written in either Bahasa Indonesia or English using correct grammar and spelling.
  • All authors have proofread the manuscript and agree to publish in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika.

Author Guidelines

Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika invites lecturers/researchers/professionals to submit scientific manuscript within the field of electronic and computer engineering. Manuscript submitted to Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika is expected to contain original, unpublished research which is not being considered for publication by other journals. Manuscript can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. Please download the template for Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika here.

1. Formatting

This formatting guide also serves as template for writing the manuscript using Microsoft Word. In order to make sure that your manuscript conforms to Techné's formatting standards, it is suggested that you type your text directly into the template. This guide also explains in more details regarding the margin size, and size and type of fonts for each section of the manuscript.

1.1.      Page Size and Margins

Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika uses A4 page size. The margins are as follow: left 4 cm, top 3.5 cm, right 3 cm and bottom 3 cm.

1.2.      Size & Font Type and Line Spacing

Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika manuscript is typeset using Palatino Linotype. In manuscripts written in Bahasa Indonesia, foreign (English or otherwise) terms should be typeset in italic. Courier new font should be used to represent commands typed into a computer or function names in a program. Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika uses single line spacing.

Detailed instructions for font sizes in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika are as follow:

1. Manuscript title is typeset using 18-point boldface font. Words (except conjunctions such as "and" or "for") should be capitalized.

2. Author name is written without academic titles in 10-point font.

3. Authors' affiliation and contact (e-mail, etc.) informations is written in 9-point font.

4. Title of the Abstract is written in 10-point, boldfaced font.
a. Use "Abstract" if the manuscript is written in English.
b. Use "Abstrak" if the manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia.

5. Body of the Abstract is written in 9-point font.
6. Keywords are written after the Abstract in 9-point font.
7. Subtitle is written in 12-point, boldfaced font.
8. Manuscript text is written in 10-point font, right and left justified.
9. Figure and Table captions are written in 8-point font and centered.
10. Each paragraph should be indented.


1.3.      Mathematical Equations

Mathematical equations should be typeset in Times New Roman or Cambria or Symbol. Mathematical equations can be written in-line. However, the preferred way to write mathematical equation is in a separate line, centered, with consecutive numbering.

Reference to an equation is written as follow: Equation (1). The word "Equation" is capitalized even if it is in the middle of a sentence. The equation number is enclosed in parentheses.


2. Manuscript Sections

A manuscript in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika should contain at least the following sections:

1. Abstract and keywords
2. Introduction
3. Conclusions
4. References

Abstract briefly explains the main ideas of the manuscript and the results achieved. The maximum length of abstract permitted in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika is 200 words. Keywords are chosen such that they can quickly give the reader an idea of the manuscript's content. A maximum of five keywords are permitted in Jurnal Techné.

The Introduction section must be able to adequately explain the background of the topic being addressed and the organization of the manuscript. The Conclusion section summarizes the results of the experiments. The Reference section consists of book or articles cited in the manuscript. Sources that are not directly cited in the manuscript should not be included.

If necessary, you can add an "Acknowledgment" section between the Conclusion and References sections. Such acknowledgment is needed only when the research described in the manuscript is being funded by a certain institution.


3. Style

A scientific manuscript is meant to convey an idea, theory or solution to a scientific paper to the reader in a clear, concise and non ambiguous manner. Therefore, try to use the simplest and most compact style possible. Avoid using overly long sentences. Sentences longer than three lines should be broken into two (or more) shorter sentences. Avoid including discussions that are not directly addressing the problem at hand, even in the form of footnotes (Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika does not allow the use of footnotes).

Manuscript in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. If the manuscript is written in Bahasa Indonesia, try as much as possible to use terms in Bahasa Indonesia (for example, bati instead of gain). If a certain term is not available in Bahasa Indonesia, use English and print the word in italic. Make sure you use the correct spelling and grammar.


4. Tables and Figures

Tables and Figures should be put in a separate line and center-justified. Make sure that the Figures and Tables are legible. Therefore, make sure that the Table or Figure are of sufficient size and resolution. Figure captions are written below the Figure, while Table captions are put above the Table. Make sure to number the Figures and Tables (eg., Figure 1, Figure 2, ..., or Table 1, Table 2, ...).

When it is necessary to refer to a Table or Figure in the text, the words Figure and Table should be capitalized, although they are not at the beginning of a sentence.


5. References Section

References (citations) are used to show that a part of your manuscript is taken from another person's opinion, idea and/or articles. References should be taken from at least 10 primary sources (journals or proceeedings) published within the last 10 years. In other words, avoid references from sources like the Wikipedia. Citation numbers in Techné: Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika is written inside square brackets, eg., "[1]". The citation number can be written either before or after the part containing the quotation. To show that a part of the text are taken from multiple sources, each citation numbers must be put inside square parentheses, as in "[1][2]". If it is necessary to point to a specific page in the source, use "h." if your manuscript is in Bahasa Indonesia (eg., [1, h. 23]) and "pp." if your manuscript is in English (eg., [2, pp. 64]).

6. Formatting the References

Referencing style used in Techné : Jurnal Ilmiah Elektroteknika is based on the one used in IEEE publications. The exact format of the reference depends on the type of source used (see the template for examples). The number for each reference is enclosed in square brackets. The sources should be sorted based on appearance in the text.


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